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Our proud venture known as Premier Green Lawns is technically new, but in a sense also an established business here in the area of Gladwin, Michigan. The original landscaping business that gave rise to this specifically geared lawn care service was founded in 2000. Recently, Premier Green Lawns was set up, splitting from the landscaping and mowing aspects of the original business to provide the residents of this region a more focused service, rather than generalizing our staff and spreading them too thin. We want true specialists to handle each and every one of our lawn care services, so we can provide expert level performance in everything we do. Our services range from:
Lawn Fertilization
Weed Control
Grub Control

We are an independent, locally owned enterprise. When you call on Premier Green Lawns for your lawn care services, your property will be attended to by trained, licensed employees who are smart enough to know the needs of your grass, and diligent enough to see that it is provided. We are interested in getting to know you and your property, so we can give it the right kind of attention.

Taking care of a lawn is a task that lasts most of the year. From the time the spring thaw arrives until it chills back down towards the end of the year and the turf goes dormant for its winter’s nap, our company has an effective, evenly spaced lawn care program that will supply your grass with all the nutrients it needs for a healthy growth rate, and a lush, green appearance. In addition, our lawn treatment also involves weed control. All of our chemicals are guaranteed to be environmental friendly, and will not harm beneficial bugs. Our lawn fertilizer of choice is of the slow release variety; the combination of phosphorus, potassium, and deliberate acting nitrogen will promote a steady, uniform rate of growth and a beautiful, healthy shade of green.

At least once per year, you should have your yards aerated. Periodically, the soil that supports your lawn will inevitably compact itself, rendering it far more difficult for water and necessary nutrients coming from the lawn fertilizer to permeate it and get to the roots. A starved lawn is one that is much more vulnerable, to all threats. It will be less resistant to disease, weeds, and other pests, as well as extreme weather, and will brown out very easily. Our core aeration will remove plugs from the soil, loosening its configuration, and clearing the way for better penetration.

Grub control is an essential part of lawn care. Each year, millions of dollars are lost by homeowners in having to replace sod that was destroyed by these various types of larval beetles. Prevention is even more important in this area, because grubs are beneath the ground and out of eyesight. Their presence is often not known to the homeowner until they have already done significant damage. The cost of this lawn care service is much cheaper than the cost of new sod.

Premier Green Lawns stands behind all of our work with a guarantee of customer satisfaction. You will be happy, not merely satisfied, with the result of our service. In the very unlikely event that something goes wrong, we will fix it. In addition to our quality of service, you will also be impressed with the professional demeanor of all of our employees. Their knowledge is matched only by their friendliness and approachability. They will be more than happy to address any concerns or answer any questions you might have.

When you give us the honor of your patronage, you can be assured that we will always give you the better end of the deal. You will get the highest quality of service, guaranteed, and for a competitive price. We also have special incentives. If you are a new customer, and sign up for our six-step lawn care program, and prepay, we will give you free grub control. Should you be an existing customer, you will get a six percent discount for resigning up for the same program. 

Regardless of how large or small your home is, the lawn most likely serves as the largest area of your landscape. A lawn that is well maintained serves as a beautiful foreground and canvass for the rest of the landscape. The importance of acquiring the best possible lawn care goes beyond that. Your yard is not just for you and passers-by to look at, it is a part of your outdoor living space. It is a place for family and friends to gather for a holiday, or merely a fun day outside. A healthy lawn free of unwanted pests helps make those experiences and memories even more enjoyable. So why trust your yards to anyone but the best in lawn care services? If you live in the surrounding area of Gladwin, allow us to care for your property using only the best equipment, but top quality lawn fertilizer, and even more importantly, the most capable staff. Please give us a call today, we look forward to establishing a working relationship with you for years to come.