Grub Control Gladwin MI

During the course of the growing season, your lawn will face many threats that need to be warded off or guarded against. There are the weeds, the extreme temperatures of the hot summer, a dry spell, and several species of insects that invade lawns. These are all hazards you can either see or feel. But all of the threats to your grass are not readily visible or touchable. The reason for this is that they do not come from above the ground, but rather underneath. One of the most notorious of these pests are grubs. These are usually larvae of various species of beetles. Some examples are the Japanese beetle, the European and masked chafer, the Oriental beetle, and more. During the larval part of their life, they live beneath the soil, as there are less predators to avoid there than above ground. The other reason they live underground is because that is where their food is. Unfortunately, if they are underneath your lawn, their food will be the roots of your grass. A grub invasion can devastate a lawn, and if they are not repelled, the result can be very unattractive, and subsequently expensive in lawn restoration measures, or possibly even sod replacement. Premier Green Lawns in Gladwin is indeed the premier lawn care business in the Gladwin area to make sure that your lawn remains grub free. Prevention is far better than a cure. White grubs are among the most damaging pests to lawns in the United States. The Department of Agriculture estimates that the annual damage caused by these pests are over $230 million, with over $155 million coming from turf needing replacement.

If grubs manage to successfully invade your lawn, they will end up damaging the root systems of the grass, causing it to die in substantial amounts at a time. Often, during the hottest part of summer, a lawn can show an overall moderate browning out from the stress of weather. However, if you only see it in patches, it is very possible that it is not the temperature that is the culprit. If you also see an unusual amount of adult beetles around your property, you should definitely give us a call to have us look at your yard. This problem can do more damage than just the obvious. Grubs present in your lawn for a significant length of time will also attract other unwanted visitors, namely skunks, raccoons, and moles. Often times, when a property owner has a mole problem, it is a sign that they also have a grub problem; moles will go where their food is. Though moles eat grubs, their tunnels can also do damage to the lawn in the process.

There is indeed more skill to eliminating grubs than will meet your eye. In order to get the best result, many factors must be heeded. There is not only a right way to do it, but it is also a matter of using the best products, and also doing it at the optimal time of the year. Our trained staff and ownership has the skill and experience needed to back up our full guarantee of customer satisfaction.

This measure should not be done at just any time of the year. When this is performed can make all the difference in the world between a beneficial and a nearly useless result. These various species of beetles have life cycles that are generally between a single year, up to as much as 6-7 years. Grubs eat at the roots of the grass, which delays the visibility of their damage. If you see dead spots in your lawn in early spring due to grub invasion, the damage was most likely actually done the previous late summer or early fall. When temperatures drop in late fall, grubs burrow deeper into the soil to avoid being frozen, where they become inactive until the next year when the weather warms back up. When they are as much as eight inches below ground, they will most likely be safe from the grub control chemicals that we use. In early spring, the soil begins to thaw out, but the grubs still remain inactive until sufficient warming takes place. When they come nearer to the surface of the soil, it is the best time to use the application. Also, for the ones that may have just hatched, they will be the most vulnerable to the chemicals. It will disable them from laying eggs, and making the problem multiply. Consequently, the best time to do this is in June, July, and August.

In addition, making use of our aeration services can also help control grub populations. The loosening of the soil as well as the holes that aeration provides pathways for the chemical application to go further down than it otherwise would with compaction. The staff at Premier Green Lawns are second to none at both of these services, and we will perform them at a fair price.

Grub control is too important a lawn care service to hand over to anyone but the consummate professional. You are guaranteed to find those at Premier Green Lawns. All of our lawn treatments – our weed control, fertilizer, and those including those used to get rid of your grubs, are human and environmentally safe. They will remove the threat without harming anything beneficial. We will apply the amount necessary at the right time, keeping your lawn healthy, and you happy. Remember, timing is critical to getting the best result. Prevention and early detection are the two surest keys to success. Premier Green Lawns is aptly skilled in both, and would be honored if you put your trust in us. Proudly serving the surrounding area of Gladwin, please contact us today to ask about our top quality lawn care services. We look forward to hearing from you.