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The city of Beaverton is located in the southwestern portion of Gladwin County. The slogan of the city is, fittingly, “The South End of the North.” It sits at the halfway point of the divide of Michigan’s total area. It should not be confused with Beaverton Township, which it borders, and from which has also acquired land. It is a small town of 1,071, but has a fairly high population density of 1,040 per square mile, given its overall area of just 1.31 square miles, with 0.28 of that being water.

The original name for Beaverton was Grand Forks, before the days of its formal incorporation. The original settlement was built around the lumber industry in 1863. Before it became a full-fledged city, it was originally incorporated as a township; the actual year of which is in some dispute. It has been cited as both in 1896 and 1901 by different sources. However, there is no conflict as to which year it became a city, which was in 1903. During the years leading up to its incorporation into a village and city, Donald Gunn Ross & Sons lumber company took the lead in developing the settlement around their business. In 1891, there were enough people living there to warrant a post office, and Donald Ross was appointed the first postmaster of the area. The Ross family continued to be prominent and influential. William Ross became the first mayor after Beaverton’s formal incorporation, as a result, there is no shortage of things bearing the family’s name in town, including the lake, and the corresponding park.

Beaverton has remained small, but vibrant. Its first census, in 1910, reported 418 people. Today, it has more than doubled, but has not grown proportionally with the rest of the United States’ population. It holds 462 households, all of which are sure to desire an attractive outside property. Fortunately, they can call on nearby businesses who proudly service the area, like Premier Green Lawns to handle their yards.

Because Beaverton is so small, it is not surprising that there is but one main highway running through its borders. That would be M-18, which is a north-south running trunkline highway, (length of 77.5 miles), terminating at Luzerne at the north end.

Though it has just over 1,000 residents, Beaverton in fact has its own independent school district. It consists of just one elementary school which runs from grades K-6, and one junior/senior high school. The students of that small school district have managed to be quite successful in various athletics, winning state championships.

Though its downtown area is not very large, it is vibrant. The city and their residents are proud to market themselves on their friendly, small town atmosphere. Because it is quite small, the entire downtown area is walkable, providing a very comfortable ambiance for both residents and visitors. The business economy in Beaverton is mainly made up of small, locally owned shops such as Premier Green Lawns. When the residents do business with their local or nearby shops, they get a personal touch that we are proud to deliver. The Amish also have a presence in Beaverton, offering food and furniture products made on their farms. The most notable large corporation within the borders of Beaverton is Saint-Gobain, a plastics making facility that makes their products by using a process called thermoforming, which involves heating the material, forming it in a mold, and then trimming it. This has earned the city with the title of “Plastic Thermoforming Capital of the World.”

There is a city owned activity center, which has a wide variety of things to do for all ages and interests. You can take dance lessons, buy various gifts and products in the marketplace, many of which are handmade, join a book club and meet visiting authors, or get something tasty at the Sweet B Café. That quaint place inside the center is run completely by volunteers, and features a list of beverages and bakery items. Of course, Wi-Fi is always available there as well. You can also get into shape in a variety of ways by choosing from a healthy selection of fitness programs. You can focus on keeping yourself healthy, and leave the health of your lawn to a capable small business like Premier Green Lawns.

There is also the beautiful Ross Lake, which runs in a snake-like pattern through the north part of Beaverton. It totals 294 acres in size, and is a very popular spot for fishermen. With a maximum depth of 15 feet, it holds fish of all sizes. From the small crappies and bluegills, to the medium but feisty smallmouth and largemouth bass, as well as channel catfish, to the large northern pike and muskellunge. In addition, it is the site for the Ross Lake Park, where there are boat launches, playgrounds, and picnic areas. There is exceptionally beautiful scenery there to enjoy a day with the family. It is a larger version of the beautiful yards we at Premier Green Lawns can create for you to see every day at home.

In addition to the Ross Lake Park, Beaverton also has the Calhoun campground, which is located at the back end of Ross Lake, where the Tobacco River empties into it. It is a “modern” campground, which means it has the updated facilities such as showers, bathrooms, pavilions, and electricity for those campers not interested in “roughing it” too much. Pets are welcomed but must be on a leash. It is open from May 15th to October 1st.

If you are a resident of Beaverton or the surrounding area, and are looking to bring your outside property up to the next level, do not look any further than Premier Green Lawns to make that happen. We are professionals that look forward to doing our part to make Beaverton a more desirable place to live, and raise your property value. We guarantee your satisfaction.