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The city of Clare, Michigan is unlike most in that it resides in two counties. The bulk of the city resides in Clare County, however, the southernmost end of it inhabits the county of Isabella. It was named after County Clare, Ireland. The original settlers who came from that area across the Atlantic, were seeking to make the city a sort of replica of their old home, while simultaneously looking for new economic opportunity. Like other towns and cities in Clare County, it was formed and settled around the Pere Marquette railroad system. It started to connect the budding towns around the area to the larger cities. There was quite a bit of forest land in Clare County, so the residents had something easily at the ready to trade with. The railroad rapidly accelerated commerce, and enabled those settlements to become permanent, and many to develop into villages and cities. Clare was first settled in 1870, and incorporated as a village only a year later. Twenty years later, in 1891, the village changed its charter to a city. 

While Clare is larger than some of the towns in its vicinity, it still is quite small for a city, with a population of 3,118 as of the 2010 census. Its first census, in 1880, recorded just 502 people. It grew in size every decade until the 1990 census. Since then, the population has fluctuated between 3,021 and 3,173, with an estimated 3,082 living within the borders as of 2015. With its 3.50 square miles, 3.39 of which are land, it has a population density of 920 people per square mile. That population consists of over 1,350 households, undoubtedly owned by people who wish to make their residences a place of beauty. Premier Green Lawns can help them as far as their yards are concerned, and we are looking forward to growing our presence in this area by our successful work.

Fortunately for residents and visitors alike, the city has easy access to several freeways. There is the east-west running US Highway 10, which connects several of the surrounding towns to Clare, running for almost 140 miles. Clare also has Business Highway 10, which forms a loop around the city, connecting to the main highway, making transport from work to home much faster for many residents. North-south running US Highway 127, which splits the middle of most of the Lower Peninsula, also goes through the city. Like US 10, Highway 127 also has a business route that loops through Clare. Finally, M-115 is a 96 mile highway that begins in Clare at the east end, and ends on the western coast of Michigan, in Frankfort. For those looking to fly in or out of the city, Clare Municipal Airport services air traffic from the surrounding area.

Clare has its own independent public school system. It consists of one elementary school, one middle school, Clare High School, and Pioneer High, which offers alternative and adult educational programs. 

For a small town, Clare has plenty of attractions in and around its vicinity. One of the most prominent, if not the most, is the Doherty Hotel. For residents of Clare, it serves as a beautiful sight, as well as an attraction point for visitors. It was opened in 1924, when a state senator named A.J. Doherty had it built on a strip of land given to him. From the time it was built, it had every state-of-the-art amenity of the time. Though it has been updated and renovated many times, it still retains that old style look of its original time. It has since been declared a historical landmark. In addition, nearly a century after its opening, it remains a locally owned and operated business. Much like Premier Green Lawns, and other businesses serving the Clare area, our personal touch has been one of the keys to our success and growth. 

Like most cities, Clare has its share of city parks, as well as recreation programs sponsored by the city’s recreation department. There are football, basketball, tennis, and baseball leagues, as well as other programs. The parks, along with the recreation department, also host numerous events corresponding with the respective holidays and seasons. The largest park in Clare is Brookwood Athletic Complex, which covers 29.4 acres. Only nine of those are actually owned by the city. It contains tennis courts, a football field complete with bleachers and a concession stand, a running track, baseball field with practice cages and bleachers, a softball field, soccer, locker rooms, and bathroom facilities.

A popular restaurant is Cops & Doughnuts, opening relatively recently in 2009. It was founded when nine policemen in the city bought what was formerly the Clare City Bakery. The sharp ongoing recession left the bakery in danger of going out of business. Now it has expanded from a bakery to being a full-fledged diner along with a gift shop.

Clare has a wide variety of small businesses, matching its small town atmosphere. Their boutiques, stores, restaurants, and others make up most of its retail and service. They are also helped out by service businesses that are in nearby cities such as Premier Green Lawns to keep their properties as healthy and vibrant as their downtown strip.

Economically, Clare is fairly diverse for its relatively small population. The median household income and per capita income are approximately $67,000 and $68,000, respectively. This is higher than average, however, just over ten percent of families and 16 percent of the overall population are at or below the poverty line.

Premier Green Lawns looks forward to continuing to serve the remarkably beautiful city of Clare and its surrounding townships and cities in the county and neighboring counties. The importance of homes and businesses having healthy, vibrant lawns cannot and should not be underestimated. Please call us today to let us help you make your property a better place.