Lawn Fertilizer Gladwin MI

Just like a healthy human body depends heavily upon supplying it with proper nutritious food and water, vitamins and minerals, that also is a large part of the battle in having a healthy lawn. The right lawn fertilizer at the correct frequency, along with proper watering, is the difference between a thick, green, vibrantly growing, healthy lawn, and one that is browned over, thin, and overrun with weeds. For residents in the Gladwin area looking for an outstanding lawn care company to maintain their yards, Premier Green Lawns is the healthiest choice to make for your grass.

A good quality lawn fertilizer is one that provides all of the nutrients necessary to yield a healthy blade with a substantial rate of growth above the surface, while not sacrificing the deepening of the roots. There are three main elements that compose the bulk components of lawn fertilizers. They are phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. Phosphorus is necessary for the deepening of the roots. Nitrogen promotes the blade growth, as well as chlorophyll synthesis. It plays the largest role in making and keeping the grass an eye-catching shade of green. Finally, potassium makes the grass more resilient. It increases disease and drought resistance. When it comes to the nitrogen component, there are two general sources. There is the slow release type, and the quick release. Here at Premier Green Lawns, we opt to primarily use the slow release lawn fertilizer. They provide all of the needed elements that your grass may not get in adequate amounts from your soil alone without assistance.

In regards to grass, slow release fertilizers are beneficial in that the roots will be exposed to gradual nitrogen, providing them with a consistent, steady supply. Because blades of grass are so small, too much nitrogen released at once can cause it to burn out. They will also save money and time, due to the fact that they can last two months, and not have to be reapplied every two to four weeks. The result is that the grass will grow consistently and uniformly, and will be safe from an overshot of nitrogen. Slow release will also not deteriorate from the soil before consumption due to nitrate leaching, and if they are slightly overapplied, it will not be a catastrophe for your grass. Quick release fertilizers have to be applied in more precise amounts to prevent burning.

Another key component to having a healthy lawn is guarding them against pests, some of the most notorious of which are weeds. While adequate water and lawn treatments are definitely essential, they will do far less good if there are unwanted flora entrenched in your yard that will steal the food meant for your turf. And weeds are quite capable of doing so – if they are not actively fought, they can seed and grow without any human planting or help. They are nothing if not hardy, resilient, and persistent. That is why at Premier Green Lawns, in our annual lawn program, we always bring the weed control products should they be needed in each of the six steps of the process.

Premier Green Lawns has a six-step lawn care program designed for maximum nutrition and combatting of weeds. Our program can begin at any time between March and early April, depending on the weather, and how fast the active growth begins. The steps are:
       1st Application, Early Spring – The slow release fertilizer will be accompanied by a pre-emergent weed control application that targets flora that tends to take hold in the early part of the growing season, namely crabgrass.
       2nd Application, Late Spring – Your yards get another dose of slow release fertilizer, as well as weed control products.
       3rd Application, Mid-Summer – The third spreading of slow release fertilizer will be accompanied by insecticide. Weeds should not be as much of a problem at this stage, but control chemicals will be applied if they are necessary.
       4th Application, Late Summer – Slow release fertilizer along with weed control applications.
       5th Application, Early Autumn – Slow release fertilizer, and also weed control if necessary.
       6th Application, Late Autumn – Slow release fertilizer, and also weed control if necessary.

Our weed control chemicals successfully guard against all of the major floral predators that tend to be the culprits in the area. They include dandelions, clover, chickweed, thistle, nutsedge, and dock weed. With our weed control lawn spraying service, the staff uses an exceptional product that can eliminate about 95 percent of the weeds. We have others in our arsenal if you have any of the other five percent. We stay on top of them so they do not get a chance to get the jump on your grass. Left unchecked, it does not take weeds very long to overtake a lawn. Also, our weed control products are human and environmentally safe, and will not harm beneficial biota. They are herbicides that can successfully target certain plants.

Would you like your lawn to have the greenness and thickness that can be given by trained professionals? And be free of those unwanted weeds? If you are located anywhere in the general vicinity of Gladwin, please consider giving Premier Green Lawns the opportunity to do the job for you. Your lawn will thank you for it. Our formally trained and certified lawn care staff members will give you that personal attention that our locally owned business is known for. We stand behind our work with a guarantee of customer satisfaction. Proudly serving the Gladwin area with the best in lawn care services, contact us with any questions or concerns. It will be a pleasure to serve you.