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The area that is now Midland, Michigan was originally settled around an established fur trading post by the American Fur Company. It was a source of trade between the European settlers and the surrounding Native American tribes. In the latter half of the 1820s, the settlement was firmly established. Six decades later, in 1887, the area was finally incorporated into a formal city, and now, it stands as the county seat of Midland County. The city is located in the easternmost area of the county, right outside the thumb of the state, and a short drive from Saginaw Bay. It is one of the key representative cities of what is known as the Tri-Cities region of Central Michigan, the others being Saginaw and Bay City. Premier Green Lawns is proud to service the city of Midland and a considerable surrounding reach through the outlying area.

Today, it is estimated that over 42,000 people reside within Midland's borders. Its greater metro area contains almost 83,000 residents. It has a population density of 1,242 people per square mile. In terms of area, Midland covers 35.7 square miles, of which almost two contains water. 

Though with the trials and tribulations of the automotive industry within Michigan, many cities have actually reduced in population over the past two decades. Midland, however, has not been one of them. In fact, in 2010, Forbes magazine awarded it the fourth best small city to raise a family. Premier Green Lawns seeks to do our part to help keep it that way by keeping as many properties as we can weed-free, green, and healthily growing.

For a city its size, Midland has quite a few freeways running through its borders. The one with the most major junctions is US Highway 10 (a 140 mile road that also has two tourist routes), the Lake Michigan Circle Tour, and West Michigan Pike Pure Michigan Byway. There is the east-west running M-20, which goes through Mount Pleasant and Big Rapids. North-south running M-30 is a 51 mile freeway that runs to West Branch. The north-south M-47 runs near both Midland and Saginaw, terminating at US 10 at the north point. 

In terms of city government, Midland is one of more than 175 in the state of Michigan to not have a strong mayor, instead opting for the council-manager structure. A city manager is the administrator of the daily government operations, and makes recommendations based on their observations and experiences to the city council. The council members have final decision on all policy and law, as well as approval or rejection of the annual budget. The city manager is not elected, but rather appointed by the city council, who can dismiss the manager at any time via a vote. At the federal level, Midland is located in the fourth congressional district of Michigan.

Midland is a large enough city to have a rich mixture of large and small businesses. Of course, the most notable of the large corporations is Dow Chemical Company. Founded in 1897, it is headquartered in Midland, and is one of the largest chemical companies in the entire world, operating in almost 180 countries. Near US 10 is Midland’s main retail area, most notably the Midland Mall with four anchor stores and over 50 total stores. The city also has plenty of small businesses in the downtown area which include restaurants, boutiques, and many industrial services.

If you are looking for culture in Midland, you should consider paying a visit to the Midland Center for the Arts. Indeed, its exhibits go beyond the arts, also featuring technological and scientific displays. The other main scientific exhibition facility is the Alden B. Dow Museum of Science and Art. In addition to their exhibits, they also have two auditoriums for multi-purpose uses.

Within its 35.7 square miles, Midland holds a total of 72 parks. A notable one is the Chippewa Nature Center, which is a protected wildlife area of nearly 1,350 acres. There is cross-country skiing, educational programs for people of all ages, a gift shop, day camp, and a host of trails to observe various wildlife. Another is Dahlia Hill, which is actually less of a park and more of a giant garden of dahlias that are maintained by volunteer work. It provides the city of Midland with a beautiful sight of flora, which is something that Premier Green Lawns seeks to do for your yard, should you give us the opportunity.

There is also the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library, which was opened at the end of the 19th century. It has been expanded and renovated several times, and is one of the most popular attractions in the city for people of all ages.

The city has its own independent public school district, which started in 1872, even before its incorporation. With the growth of the city to its present day size, Midland has seven public elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools, Midland and Herbert Henry Dow.

Residents and visitors of Midland who wish to arrive and depart the area by plane can use either the Bishop International Airport located in Flint, or the MBS International Airport in Freeland, within Bay County. Like many areas of Michigan, there is no regular bus service. In terms of private transportation, there are taxi companies that service the city, however they are not at the ready, but must be called for a ride. Ridesharing services also operate within Midland.

Midland remains one of the most desirable places to live in Michigan due in large part to the revenue that its businesses bring in to the area. Among these are small, local lawn care companies such as Premier Green Lawns that keep the yards of their property owners lush, green, and attractive for new people looking to move to a great city. Whether you are a new or a long standing resident of Midland, please consider us for the very important task of keeping your outside healthy and beautiful.